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What We Do

Business and Marketing Strategy

Go-to-Market | Scale-Up

Business Intelligence

Behavioral and Attitudinal Research

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Insights

Team Development | Workshop and Offsite Facilitation

Operations and Process Enhancement

Nonprofit Data Strategy, Analysis and Dashboards


"Vision without execution is just hallucination."

- Thomas Edison

Our methods are:

Execute for the challenges at hand while keeping an eye on the big picture

Engage in a unifying and open team effort

Act, iterate and learn swiftly

Parse and prioritize the essential

Turn ideas into real results


We believe nonprofit organizations can do more
when putting innovation and systems thinking to work.


Start-up engagement strategies to grow enterprise services
B2b market research
Consumer research, analysis and insights
Nonprofit data strategy, analysis and dashboards

Jen Yip is principal and founder of Pulse Logic Consulting.

A technology and media veteran who lives at the intersection of business, tech and data, she has held leadership roles in early stage start-ups and large companies including DoubleClick, Maxim, NBC Universal and InMobi. Her consulting clients span sectors including ad tech and media, health and fem tech, SaaS platforms and nonprofits.

Jen earned her MBA in Information Systems and Marketing from NYU Stern School of Business and her BS in Applied Economics and Business Management from Cornell University. She also holds a Post Baccalaureate in Sociology from Northwestern University.